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The Swedish Poetry Slam Nationals of 2017 is taking place in Gothenburg, 24th to 27th of May. Celebrating the 20th anniversery, the Nationals this year is a radiant competition and poetry festival. Poets from the USA, Norway, Finland, Denmark and all parts of Sweden are joining us, and we hope you are too.


Come, listen, watch

The competition is held during evenings at Musikens Hus, Göteborg. There are two stages (Café Hängmattan and Stora scenen) and both are accessible for wheelchairs.

During daytime, there is panel discussions, lectures and social activities at Stora scenen. Some of them are in english.



To qualify as an individual poet, seek out your local slam. They exist all over Sweden and in parts of Finland.

To qualify as a team, gather your fellow poets and apply here.

Any language or mix of languages are welcome.


About the organizers

We who organize this years Nationals are Göteborgs Poetry Slam and Musikens Hus in colaboration.